Service Layer

CAD Trust’s Open Source Software

Enhanced Participation and Value:

The inclusivity of CAD Trust software encourages participation from various carbon registries, amplifying the collective worth of data on the platform. Such enriched data subsequently attracts more user and Service Layer providers.

Prevention of Double Counting:

Comprehensive data coverage allows users to thoroughly evaluate if a project is simultaneously registered under multiple Standards, thereby minimising double-counting incidents.

Public-Good Emphasis:

The open nature of CAD Trust ensures universal access, reinforcing the enterprise’s public-good commitment.

Service Layer

Organisations that provide services such as auditing, certifications, due diligence, conflict resolution, benchmarking, forecasting, compliance reporting, and ratings in carbon markets, can leverage the CAD Trust Service Layer. Its harmonised carbon metadata enhances their ability to develop and broaden their service offerings.

Key Benefits for Market Players

Buyers & Traders

Aggregated trustworthy data to search through. Easier access to project developer information.
Tracking the Article 6 status of credits (once authorised by the host country) to enable enhanced price discovery.


Decreases market fragmentation and eases integration.
Promotes standardisation and asset integrity.
Adds information security to the data needed from registries for transactions.
Increases volume of standard asset types.

Rating Agencies

Harmonised data to carry out risk assessment and assign ratings.
Access to comprehensive projects and units information for sectoral assessment and establishing benchmarks.
Ability to carry out ratings on a dynamic basis.

Project Developers

Display projects & units portfolio across standards through a trusted source.
Building trust in the accounting of MOs will enable transparency and trade, benefiting project developers.

API Connection

The Service Layer represents a robust connection to the CAD Trust metadata layer, leveraging an API. This connection type is particularly advantageous for large-scale users who require regular and intensive access to data. It facilitates seamless integration, ensuring efficient and reliable data retrieval and management. Ideal for organisations seeking to maximise their interactions with CAD Trust metadata, the Service Layer offers a scalable and secure solution for handling extensive data requirements with ease.


  • Download the Manual

    Download the Manual (Connectivity Deck) from this page. The PDF contains all necessary details needed to establish an API connection with CAD Trust as an Observer / Subscriber.

  • Follow the Instructions

    Follow the instructions and protocols in the Manual. For assistance, please contact the CAD Trust Technical Team through the Contact Form.


  • Installation

    After a successful installation of the software you may now access the CAD Trust Data.

The Manual

Download the Service Layer Connectivity Manual for comprehensive instructions and protocols on establishing an API connection with CAD Trust as an Observer / Subscriber.

Terms & Conditions

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