How to connect


Both independent standards and national carbon registries are invited to connect with CAD Trust and have their data reflected in the in the CAD Trust Data Dashboard.

Thanks to our open-source software, the connection process is swift, straightforward, and free of charge. Each Registry publishes data using their own instance of the CAD Trust software. The data must conform to the data model established for CAD Trust. Detailed steps for the connection process can be found on this page.

Please note that a successful connection does not automatically mean data activation within the CAD Trust Metadata Layer/Data Dashboard.

Service Layer

Large-scale Access to Registry Data

While the Data Dashboard is designed to serve individuals and small organisations, larger commercial entities can leverage the API for more frequent and large-scale data access. We provide instructions on how to connect to the CAD Trust Metadata Layer through an API.

Terms & Conditions

By entering the CAD Trust website and accessing the Data Dashboard, you automatically accept the User Terms & Conditions