How it works

CAD Trust Unifies Carbon Registry Data on a Single Platform Using a Common Data Model.

CAD Trust is an open-source metadata system designed to share information about carbon credits and projects across digital platforms, facilitating the future integration of multiple registry systems. It is currently in the process of connecting various carbon credit registries. The goal is to offer free public access to this information in a harmonised and user-friendly format, enabling private companies, NGOs, and governments to utilise it for benchmarking, double counting risk checking, and compliance reporting.


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How it works?

CAD Trust Data Model

  • Connected Registries

    CAD Trust has connected data from the following independent standard and national registries. Our commitment doesn’t stop here. We’re continuously expanding our network to connect additional registries. This ongoing effort ensures that the CAD Trust Metadata Layer remains a comprehensive and dynamic resource, showcasing a wide array of data for our users.

    Stay tuned for updates as we add more registries to our network, broadening the scope and depth of information available on the CAD Trust Data Dashboard.



    Independent Standards


    Global Carbon Council (GCC)


    BioCarbon Registry


    National Registries

    National Registry of Bhutan

User Manual

How to use the Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard (also known as the Public Observer Node) serves as the public-facing interface of the CAD Trust metadata layer. It provides a harmonised view of Projects, Units, and Issuances across various registries. The User Manual contains basic platform navigation tips, search system instructions, and a dictionary of technical terms used in the dashboard

Terms & Conditions

By entering the CAD Trust website and accessing the Data Dashboard, you automatically accept the User Terms & Conditions