Data is at the heart of climate action.

Over recent years the data sets surrounding carbon market activity have proliferated, becoming a tangled web that is hard to navigate.

Multiple registries, national level markets, and a lack of centralization have created a transparency challenge, making it difficult to accurately account and compare carbon market activity.

But what if there was a solution?

CAD Trust is an Initiative for public good; offering a blockchain-powered solution that collects real-time carbon credit data, boosting transparency, and fostering collaboration.

How does CAD Trust work?

By synchronizing registry data with tamper-proof encryptions, registries can connect in a secure network to share data.

Changes in the data are recorded creating an indelible trail, enhancing trust and transparency

in decentralized carbon markets.

All market participants benefit from CAD Trust, from carbon credit buyers to governments, journalists, researchers and exchanges.

CAD Trust provides easy access to all carbon registry data, creating greater transparency and collaboration in the carbon market for the whole ecosystem.

CAD Trust offers access to an initial 40 data sets based on a common data model, including:

  • Project and unit information
  • Issuances and
  • Retirements

The data is available to both small and large-scale users.

Whether through the public data dashboard, or an API connection, CAD Trust is your gateway to understanding and influencing the world of carbon credits.

Our comprehensive and intuitive search system allows users to browse thousands of projects based on multiple factors such as standard methodology location status and sector join us in shaping the future of carbon markets.