Reaching for transparency

It’s time to clear the air. It’s time to create transparency that’s actually visible.

This is more than just a journey of changing the weather.

This is a journey to all working together; new ways to measure: wherever, whenever.

Clarity. A new level of solidarity, not just with the Earth, but with each other.

This is not just another idea, because our planet is our plan A and we’re using signs and numbers to do things the right way.

The time when trust is justice.

Choose a new level of protection as we seek new paths in progress, not perfection.

Our backgrounds won’t define us, because it is where we are going that matters; a new journey of being all one, not alone.

This is using what is known, to protect and change. An exchange of signs for guidance, a global alliance of compliance and triumphs.

Reaching for transparency begins with teaching, by speaking, and seeking new ways. Analyzing what matters for the next generation: legacy that leaves future change makers marvelling in awe, rather than wondering why nothing at all was done.

A next step that treads much deeper than surface level, and instead exposes what really lies beneath. Because when there’s so much to understand it isn’t always easy to see; which is why we choose humility, credibility, stability, accessibility.

True transparency.

Now is the time to utilize the power of data, to protect our planet and benefit our communities, with facts that empowers focus that guides us, and truth that cannot be overlooked.

Because trust is not just a word we use, but an aim we strive for as we leverage the power of open data to unlock the full potential of carbon markets.