Community Manager


Climate Action Data Trust (CAD Trust) is recruiting a Community Manager to support the work of its recently established governing bodies. The candidate will report to the Executive Director. The Candidate will organise and lead the User Forum. The CAD Trust User Forum (UF) is a market sounding board for the Council on technical, policy, and business questions. The CUF will review and comment on the data model, suggest future changes, highlight priorities, and communicate market needs. The Community Manager is also responsible for carrying out public consultations, managing ongoing stakeholder tasks, and identifying potential data use cases. It is expected that further governance bodies and stakeholder groups will be established to provide consultation and strategic guidance to the CAD Trust Council as well. The Community Manager will also be coordinating with the CAD Trust Technical Committee and the  Council based on activities emerging out of interactions with the UF. The Community Manager will further manage relationships with carbon credit registries, information technology (IT) providers, and market participants, and will drive the widespread adoption of CAD Trust.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the Community Manager will be to organise and guide the work of the User Forum, and help the Technical Director implement the work programme of the Technical Committee.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Leading the User Forum of CAD Trust. This will involve managing ongoing stakeholder tasks and presenting the findings of the User Forum to the Council.
  • Guiding the work programme of the Technical Committee. This will require engaging with a variety of stakeholders on topics at the convergence of technology and carbon markets.
  • Coordinating with the Chairs or Co-Chairs of both bodies. Organising meetings for the User Forum (at least 4 meetings per year) and the Technical Committee (at least 6 meetings per year).
  • Helping coordinate onboarding efforts with registries from national, subnational, and independent carbon crediting programmes to facilitate their participation as data providers.
  • Managing the relationship between CAD Trust and its IT provider. This will involve ensuring that updates and enhancements to the platform are communicated and implemented.
  • Representing the CAD Trust at public events and conferences and acting as its ambassador.
  • Liaising with the User Forum and Council to add or remove members of the Technical Committee and User Forum, and keeping the Council up-to-date on the work programme of the User Forum and the Technical Committee.
  • Organising and articulating the findings of each governing body to each other.
  • Scrutinising and revising the governance structure in collaboration with the Council and Board.
  • Establishing subcommittees, task forces, and additional bodies as necessary.
  • Recruiting and replacing members of the User Forum, Technical Committee, and any additional governance bodies or stakeholder consultation groups as required.

Desired Competencies and Skills

The successful candidate should have:

  • Around 5 years’ experience of managing and engaging many stakeholders, preferably in an international context, with respect to climate change, technology, or global affairs
  • Bachelor’s degree in international relations, political science, communications, sustainable development, natural resources, or IT. Master’s preferred
  • Knowledge of different IT data platforms and understanding of decentralised ledger technologies and their deployment
  • Strong understanding of international carbon markets and the information systems used for generating and transacting carbon assets
  • Demonstrated ability to manage external client relations and lead multi-stakeholder dialogue
  • Track record of teamwork and ability to produce high-quality results and outputs with limited supervision
  • Familiarity and experience working with carbon market infrastructure providers such as carbon crediting programmes and registries, trading exchanges, and market intermediaries
  • Excellent communication and networking skills, ready to reach out to decision makers in a variety of carbon market participants
  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, collaborate and grow your professional skills
  • Fluent in written and spoken English, with preference for an additional language
  • Ready to work in a small yet international organisation, to show initiative and to gradually take over responsibilities
  • Available for frequent travel


The position will be based in Singapore.


Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Reporting Lines

The role will report directly to the Executive Director of the Climate Action Data Trust.