Following a Call for Expression of Interest to join our User Forum, the CAD Trust Council has decided to form a relatively small group of 20 candidates for the User Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to act as a market sounding board for the Council and the Technical Committee for technical, policy, and business questions. This will include, but will not be limited to, understanding and providing input to the Council’s priorities during the Interim Period when prompted; reviewing and commenting on the data model resulting from the work of the Technical Committee, including to suggest future changes; identifying potential data use cases; communicating market needs to enable better data use; and identifying desired IT updates and inputting into future feature development.

The Council may use the Forum as a body for ad-hoc stakeholder consultations within a smaller, defined group; additionally, the Forum may form sub-committees or workstreams for different topics. The Forum will also recommend to the Council how to proceed with the group in the medium term to help the Council to develop Climate Action Data Trust’s governance approach for the period after the Interim Period.

We have received a significant number of exceptional applications from diverse stakeholders who share our dedication to enhancing transparency and interoperability in carbon markets. The Council is currently actively considering possibilities to broaden the user community and engage other applicants as well as additional parties.


See the appointed User Forum members here.


The first meeting of the User Forum is set to take place in June.