Six months after the launch of the Climate Action Data Trust, the Initiative will reveal a prototype of the Public Data Dashboard. The CAD Trust Metadata Layer links, aggregates, and harmonises all major carbon registry data to enhance transparent accounting in line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

By connecting registries through a decentralised digital infrastructure and making information public, CAD Trust aims to mitigate the risk of double counting and enhance the integrity of carbon markets. This secure blockchain-based digital infrastructure will allow for easier and more efficient compliance reporting, transacting, and benchmarking by the public and private sector. The Climate Action Data Trust is an integral part of the World Bank’s Climate Warehouse End-to-End Digital Ecosystem.

The Innovate4Climate workshop will feature a technical presentation of the CAD Trust Public Data Dashboard and a brief panel discussion with Initiative key figures.

Date: 24 May, 4:35 PM – 5:25 PM

Location: Floor 4, Donostia-San Sebastián


Technical presentation of the Public Data Dashboard

Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu, Executive Director, Climate Action Data Trust


Moderator: Dirk Forrister, President & CEO, IETA


Gemma Torras Vives, Climate and Technology Specialist, Finance and Economics Unit, Climate Change Group, World Bank

Andrew Howard, Senior Director, Climate Policy and Strategy, Verra / CAD Trust Council Chair

Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu, Executive Director, Climate Action Data Trust